Going deeper group

For those Seekers looking to further their Spiritual Journeys through friendship, interaction and guidance we hold a twice-monthly online Going Deeper group.  This group is for those who are called to deepen their spiritual seeking by putting aside the external everyday problems to focus on diving deeper internally gaining insights and understanding through experience rather than the mind.
This regular (though flexible and non-compulsory) support can help to provide a strong foundation and sense of continuity on our spiritual paths. Meeting people on similar journeys and forming new friendships can also provide additional support outside of the meetings.
Regular check-ins can also help us become more accountable if we feel a need for that kind of support as part of our journey. This can be one of the most powerful processes group work provides, keeping us firmly on track and moving us forwards on our Spiritual paths. These meetings are private and what is discussed is only seen within the group.£5 per session


During these regular meetings, we explore how we can integrate Spiritual practices into our everyday life. De-constructing the challenges we face in life and learning methods to approach them consciously, transforming them from a problem, into a source of development.

We often examine what triggers us, causing us to lose our peace. Subjects range from relationships, work issues to churning minds and everything in-between.

Be part of a Spiritual group and interact with like-minded people on similar spiritual journeys.

Ask questions and introduce topics for discussion or just enjoy the meetings in silence 

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Meetings usually begin with a short talk leading to a question and answer session. Held most Wednesday’s @ 7 pm, either online (free) or at the Helios Center London. (£5 towards the use of the room)

1 on 1 support

1 to 1 support offers the opportunity for individual coaching and support for those seekers who feel that a more personal approach would be of benefit.

I have worked with many Spiritual Seekers over the past few years offering a safe space to enquire into what’s holding them back. 

Everyone is different so programmes are designed to fit your everyday lives. We work within flexible time frames, as some breakthroughs require less or more time and periods of enquiry.

Email support is provided between sessions, providing further regular contact.

“Working with Stephen has changed my life, firstly inwardly then my outer life changed by itself, I have moved to a new city and changed my career” Holly 

Feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if working together could help you to Awakenen further towards your True Nature.

£50 for 75 Min Session



“Retreating” from our everyday lives can provide a setting that allows for a space to be created free from our daily distractions. Our retreats create a safe space where we can let go and look within us for the silence that is always already there.

Our retreats aim to integrate realisations made into our everyday lives so that things don’t go back to how they were before, but permanent realistic changes are made that suit individuals unique lives. You can be as involved as much or little as feels comfortable in the retreats.

There is no pressure to take part in any of the activities, though the programme is designed with the intention to be accessible for all types of spiritual seekers, whether new to Spirituality or already awakening on your journey.No suggestions or advice is given as you already have the answers. These answers come from within and are personal to you.



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