About Me

I have been on my own spiritual journey for over 20 years, watching many YouTube clips reading books (many not finished) attending events and being a member of several spiritual groups. I have met many wonderful people and learnt something from every teacher I have come across.

However, for most of this journey, it has felt a solitary affair. Long gaps between events and retreats and constantly changing my ideas and views meant that I rarely had someone to chat to and share my thoughts, realisations, discoveries, questions and ideas.

A few years ago, someone asked if I would hold meetings so people could get together regularly to support each other on their journeys. The aim of taste the strawberries (the name comes from a Zen Story read it here) is to do just that. We create a safe space without judgment for spiritual seekers to get together through meetings, events and retreats to explore that which holds them back in life to start living from a place of presence right now. Together without suggestions or advice, it can be possible to discover real-life, workable, realistic, ideas and solutions that fit into everyday life.

So whether you are new or have been on your Spiritual journey for many years, you are warmly invited in joining us at one of our upcoming meetings to see whether friendship and discussion can help you move more quickly down the path to Spiritual Awakening and a more fulfilled life.

“The discovery that much of our stress, anxiety and worry can be ‘Seen’ and doesn’t have to be’ lived in’ it can open the possibility that our true Self (Awareness) is the primary and only way of being”

Stephen Crowther

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