Taste the Strawberries

We are a group of Spiritual seekers that meet regularly in a safe space, through meetings, events and retreats. We explore that which holds us back in life, so we can live from a place of presence right Now. Together without suggestions or advice, we enquire into the possibility that real-life, workable, realistic solutions that fit into our everyday life can be found in a non-judgmental environment without dogma, personal or religious views. The meetings are organised and held by Stephen Crowther.

Whether you are new or have been on your Spiritual journey for many years, you are warmly invited in joining us at one of our upcoming meetings to see whether friendship and discussion can help you move more quickly and deeply down the path to Spiritual Awakening and a more fulfilled life.


During our meeting we discuss”everyday” situations we come across “every day” of our lives, these could be family, friends, work situations, then further enquire into them in a light-hearted way. You can join in the discussions or if you prefer, observe and enjoy the space created by others.
To see some of the past meetings on our YouTube channel.
To join a meeting check out our meetings page.