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We are a group of Spiritual seekers that meet regularly in a safe space, through meetings, events and retreats. We explore that which holds us back in life, so we can live from a place of presence right Now. Together without suggestions or advice, we enquire into the possibility that real-life, workable, realistic solutions that fit into our everyday life can be found in a nonjudgmental environment without dogma, personal or religious views. The meetings are organised and held by Stephen Crowther.

Whether you are new or have been on your Spiritual journey for many years, you are warmly invited in joining us at one of our upcoming meetings to see whether friendship and discussion can help you move more quickly and deeply down the path to Spiritual Awakening and a more fulfilled life.

Upcoming Meetings & Events


During these regular meetings, we explore how we can integrate Spiritual practices into our everyday life. De-constructing the challenges we face in life and learning methods to approach them consciously, transforming them from a problem, into a source of development.

We often examine what triggers us, causing us to lose our peace. Subjects range from relationships, work issues to churning minds and everything in-between.

Meetings usually begin with a short talk leading to a question and answer session



Our live events offer the opportunity to meet  with other spiritual seekers and feel the energy that can be created when we get together in a safe space. 

The Spiritual journey can often be a solitary affair, but meeting and making new friendships can provide support and guidance on our paths.

There is never any pressure to be involved in any of the activities or questioning, but if you would like to dig deeper and further let go of what’s holding you back, these gatherings can be very useful.

We currently meet near Kings Cross, London, at the Helios Center.


Most retreats look to remove you from your normal surroundings, whether that being a trip to somewhere exotic or a spar. Sometimes the retreat may involve difficult sessions, such as long periods of silence or uncomfortable enquiries. These retreat can be very helpful, but often we can fall back into the same habits and reactions when we return to our normal surroundings.

Our retreats look to integrate spiritual work and insights with our normal lives.  We go out into the “real world” and put into practice the insights we gain from the sessions. 


1 ON 1

1 to 1 support offers the opportunity for individual coaching and support for those seekers who feel that a more personal approach would be of benefit.

Programmes are designed to suit individual requirements. If you believe this may be something of interest we can arrange a free 15-minute consultation to see if working together could help you to Awakenen further towards your True Nature

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